Jun 05, 2023

Call of Duty 2023 Alpha Test Details Leak Online

Details surrounding the alpha test for Call of Duty 2023 have surfaced online. Call of Duty is one of the most well-oiled machines in entertainment. Every year for 20 years, we have gotten a new Call of Duty game without fail. Not all of them have been good and some of them probably should've been delayed, but generally speaking, it's been pretty consistent for a number of years. With that said, there were rumors that Call of Duty would take a year off for unknown reasons in 2023. In place of a new game, Activision would release a big expansion for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However, Activision has since denied these reports from reputable sources and claims it will have a new game this fall.

With that said, the new game is rumored to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We don't know how different it will be from its predecessor, but it seems Activision is gearing up to show us. As reported by Insider Gaming, Activision is holding internal alpha tests for the Call of Duty 2023 on PlayStation and some details have made their way out. The alpha is codenamed 'HailStröm' and is roughly 20GBs on PlayStation, according to dataminers. That's unfortunately all we know right now, but we are likely to get a reveal probably in August, if previous rumors are correct. Historically, the series does have a small alpha test on PlayStation which allows players to play modes like Gunfight or something small to get a feel for the gunplay. It's unclear if that will happen again.

If it doesn't happen, we can almost guarantee that a beta will happen, as they've had betas for Call of Duty games for about eight years straight now. Typically, it happens about a month before release and a judge leaked that this year's game will release in November, so a beta can likely be expected for October.

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