Aug 20, 2023

Viewers 'in tears' as optical illusion determines how others view them

A new personality test that is going viral on TikTok has claimed it can determine if others perceive you are irritable or as a high achiever.

The brainteaser comes from Tiktok psychology whizz Mia Yilin, who is renowned on the platform for her highly accurate analyses of characters.

In her latest post, the TikToker shared a mind-boggling picture depicting both a woman’s face and tropical leaves.

The imagery is designed to challenge the mind and eyes to reveal hidden truths about the psyche based on what a person sees first.

Depending on which detail jumps out to the eye, you may be perceived as a high achiever or feel unsatisfied with your life, Yilin explained in her clip.

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“What's the first thing you see in this picture?" Asked the TikToker. “If you first saw the woman, then you are not very satisfied with your life lately.

“You feel tired and there are certain situations making you feel irritable. As a result, you want to pursue a more exciting and outgoing lifestyle experience."

Mia added that these people often struggle with social anxiety and cannot muster up interest in the lives of others.

Meanwhile, the TikToker explained that those who saw the leaves first are more likely to be perceived as high achievers by others.

“If you first saw the leaves, then you are a very high-achieving person in the eyes of others," she explained. "However, you personally feel that you could do a lot better and you hate yourself for not trying hard enough."

These people are prone to high levels of stress because they carry high expectations and don't want to let themselves down.

Viewers raced to the comments section to announce their findings and share their thoughts on Yilin’s personality analysis.

“I saw the leaves…” wrote one person. “Why is this so true, these videos are ALWAYS TRUE.”

A second commentator echoed: “I saw the leaves first and it’s so accurate.”

“This made me tear up because it was too accurate. I saw the woman," quipped another, while one commentator added: “Once again you are right."

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Read more... Optical Illusion shows who is a loner or insecure in their love life