Aug 18, 2023

Vaccine status continues to tear families apart

Senior Contributor (Saskatchewan)

Lee Harding is the Senior Saskatchewan Contributor for the Western Standard and Saskatchewan Standard based in the Regina Bureau. He has served as the Saskatchewan Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Debbie Wall

The accounts of a Swift Current grandmother highlight how Canadians have interpreted responses to the pandemic very differently, causing divisions between family and friends.

Debbie Wall, married with three children and three grandchildren, from Swift Current, said she earnestly looked into matters after the pandemic hit. Her conclusions put her at odds with others.

“I got into it right from the beginning with the masking — a lot of research on that. I knew right away, this was just a crock. It was BS, so I tried to fill in the rest of the family.”

Wall said her parents told her she was “brainwashed and foolish” for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I told them what I had found out about these vaccines…and we were just totally thrown out at Christmas. Like, we couldn't get together with them at Christmas or anything.”

Wall said her parents dropped off a Christmas card but refused an invitation to come inside.

“They said, 'Well, no. The government says we're not supposed to be at each other's houses.' I think well, whatever, we're not worried about it. We go to whoever's place.”

The friction over all things COVID-19 continued after the pandemic subsided, something Wall partly blames on legacy media.

“I just told Mom, ‘You shouldn't be watching CBC, CTV, Global. They're all programmed. They're telling you what the government has told them to say.’"

“I said, ‘Trudeau paid them $600 million to shut their mouths, so they're not going to tell you the truth. This is a depopulation plan. That's what this is about.’ And all I got was blank stares and some rolling of the eyes.”

Wall says television programming is exactly that. Networks tell-a-vision and program the masses.

“TV — it's programming. You're programming your mind because they're telling a vision, what they want you to believe,” she said.

“Good is evil and evil is good right now. That’s what it is.”

Last Christmas, Wall hosted her parents for breakfast. It was the last one she would spend with her 89-year-old father.

“My dad wasn't looking very good. It was just strange to all of a sudden hear my mom sort of attack my dad. She was sarcastic and she pointed at him and she says, 'And that guy there just went and got a booster and a flu shot.' She was angry at him that he did that,” she recalled.

Wall found the comment strange, given her mom had seemed to support such injections in the past.

Researchers Edward Dowd and Denis Rancourt testified to the National Citizens Inquiry that excess deaths have followed time periods following the rollouts of COVID-19 vaccines.

Health Canada and other agencies have given much more conservative accounts of direct consequences. A report from Public Health Ontario on Aug. 13 found there were 1,255 “serious” adverse reactions among 38 million doses given.

Reuters fact-checkers addressed one meme claiming the World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab, predicted “organized epidemics.” However, the excerpt was shown to not be from Schwab’s book COVID-19, the Great Reset, but in fact from the John Coleman book, “The Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300.”

Reuters also said Bill Gates has been misunderstood for comments made at a TED Talk in 2010, saying population growth was a threat to the planet.

“Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, ten or 15%,” he said.

Gates’ apparent premise was that the better maternal health is, the less women tend to have children, perhaps because they are confident their children will survive.

Whatever the case, Wall did not find it coincidental that her father died Dec. 31. Her mother called around 5 a.m. to say her husband of 64 years was dead.

“We go over there and here's Dad laying on the floor. But he must have just died standing there. When they turned him over, he still had a chocolate in his hand. So he was up eating chocolates at night. It was still in his hand and it had melted,” she said.

Wall had watched the commentary of embalmers in the 2022 documentary Died Suddenly. So, she asked the funeral home director prior to embalming to tell her if he found anything odd.

“He said, ‘I found all those thick white clots in your dad that we're only finding in the vaccinated. You were absolutely correct. I can tell you this because you asked me. If you hadn't asked me I would have just been quiet."

"As an owner of a funeral home, we're allowed to talk about what we do here and our business, but for me to go publicly and speak out about what I'm seeing, they will shut me down,'" Wall recalled.

“Another thing he told me that was shocking was, ‘Did you realize he said that the government has asked all funeral homes when a deceased person comes in, that they do a COVID test on them?’ I couldn't believe it. He said, ’If they test positive for COVID, they label that death as COVID. That's how they keep the numbers up.’”

Such claims echo those made by Ontario funeral director Laura Jeffrey in testimony to the NCI.

She said in January 2021, she “started seeing the return blood would have little tiny pieces of [a] clot in it sticking to the embalming table,” Jeffrey recalled. In later months, such clots became large blockages so common she had to change the way she did embalming.

Jeffrey said this was “a whole new anomaly” and one she thought higher authorities should be looking into.

“If you see an anomaly in a pattern, whose job is it to call that out? Because it's not my job. It's someone that's got a much higher pay grade and much more power than I would. I'm just an embalmer. Why am I here? There should be other people here,” she said.

Wall said she “very gently” tried to tell her mother what the funeral director told her, but found no openness.

“She got very angry and threatened to hire a lawyer to sue the funeral home. I knew that was a crock. I knew she wouldn't do that. But it was just a way of saying ‘[The director is] lying. That's not true.’”

Wall said some relationships within her extended family seem to have “grown apart” since the pandemic began, perhaps due to her household’s opposition to the vaccines.

“They know where we stand with these vaccinations. We've tried to tell them, but it's like they don't want to listen. They believe what the TV has said,” Wall said.

“I think there's probably a lot of people out there that have second guessed it now and have second thoughts. But, some will admit it, and I'm sure there's lots that will never want to admit that they made a boo-boo.”

Recently, Wall attended a fundraiser in Wymark, Sask. for local trucker and Ottawa convoy leader, Chris Barber. Nearly 500 people attended the BBQ fundraiser for his legal expenses. While is a hero to some, Wall says some are adamantly opposed to him.

“[Beforehand, someone said], 'Oh, well, for sure, the police are going to show up there. And I hope they do.' And I'm thinking, well, bring it on. What are we gonna get arrested for, renting a rink?” said Wall.

“My parents were like that, too. When the truckers went to Ottawa, they were so angry about that. And my dad said, Trudeau should have done far more than he did, and this was just awful. They were totally on Trudeau's side, and yet, they've never been Liberals. I just could never figure this out.”

Wall said the divergence is present not just in her family, but amongst people of faith and the general community.

“What's confusing to me is how come so many Christians can see it, but there's so many Christians that cannot. That blows my mind,” she said.

“There's people that are so awake, and the next one just so doesn't have a clue. That just blows me away. How can you live here the last four years and not be suspicious about anything? I don't know.”

Senior Contributor (Saskatchewan)

Lee Harding is the Senior Saskatchewan Contributor for the Western Standard and Saskatchewan Standard based in the Regina Bureau. He has served as the Saskatchewan Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

What's coming is quite's another IQ test.

Many flunked the first one for lack of insight, attention, skepticism, research, critical thinking, or whatever......... but if they didn't learn from it and flunk this next one then they're done, and certainly won't be deserving of any sympathy when reality finally takes it's inevitable toll on them.

The beast feeds on sheep!

Thank you for telling your story. The trouble is that people like your family still believe in what the government did to us with vaccines. There are young athletes dying on the sports fields almost every day since vaccines. This has to be looked into and the truth told!.

It still amazes me the number of people who still believe the lies that our wonderful "government" ,and the LAMESTREAM media has spewed despite the mounting evidence as to the harm they did.

First rule. Never sound like a crazy person to those asleep by starting out with "depopulation plan"

No kidding 🥴🥴🥴

Was/is a global exercise using typical communistic “C” methods …… confusion, convincing, coercion, compliance, control…. And god help us … conquer 😳

Look at our family as a control group in this pandemic. There are 30 of us, we the grandparents early 70, our children and our grandchildren. Of these 30 only four took the vaccine. The 4 that took the vaccine and the remaining 26 of us never judged one another. It should have been your free choice. We spent every holiday, birthdays, and worked together everyday. We put the love of family above government. Most of us including the vaccinated got covid, we are all healthy and have natural immunity. Us who were unvaccinated were bullied by friends, not allowed to watch grandkids play hockey, not allowed to travel. Lucky we own our own business and were not forced to take the shot to keep working. I thank all our children and grandchildren for being decent humans and loving and caring for one another. Sadly many families were not so fortunate.

Well wrote story. At times it seems she gets too close to conspiracy theories, but in general keeps her perspective.

If Canada can get Poilievre elected and funding for all media cancelled, I think Canadians will rediscover their brains.

We saw through the lies about the masks and experimental gene therapy shot. We also shared information with family and friends and I begged my children to not get it or give it to my grandchildren . I have one sister who saw through the propaganda. My one daughter has a heart condition now. She was forced to get it to keep her job, has two little ones. One grandson with a heart condition now. He was forced to get it to go to university. I know of 3 close friends of my sister who dropped dead. My family has grown apart now. This is what Trudeau wanted. Divide and conquer. What I didn’t want to know was that my family would ever be the ones to turn on you. Now I know and it is heart breaking. I worry about them every day wondering which one will drop dead first as the swallowed the propaganda and get their shots when instructed by government and media. Crazy world now.

I was working in the local hospital 2020, the only place to see the story play out on MSM. (tv free for 16 years now) It made no sense and the fear was being poured out through every station. Knee injury had me off work for 6 weeks. Returning there were a lot of personnel that were questioning what was going on. They had run out of PPE: gowns, masks, gloves. No one was getting sick, hospitalized, or dying. Elderly sister is a tv zombie. Has taken all the shots and boosters. Told her two adult sons, "no shots, you'll never see me again". Refused to go to Christmas dinner because the great grandkids (4 and 5) didn't have the shot. That family was ostracized from the gathering. One of her sons has heart issues now, the other one has failing kidneys. My son and wife work in the film industry in Vancouver, they were forced to get the shots and boosters. I await for one of them to be found down and permanently out. So far no one I worked with (now retired) has been posted in the local obits. Yet I wait. Yes, this division is what will push the WEF agenda, of which Trudeau is a proud graduate. He will do as his master instructs, such a 'good' little boy. We Canadians are on the chopping block. Sadly, more insanity to come.

When the pandemic started, went and got a serology test, test 7am results 2;30 pm tested neg. stating I have natural immunity, why did more not do this, this is a blood test not shoving something up your nose. Tried to tell others, their big concern was they would have to pay $50. for the test.

Many places did not accept it. Rules stopped them. Nothing like sitting in a restaurant and see the Police walk through to ensure rules are being followed. The workers were so nervous they might lose their job. Shameful. Some people who had family pass away in other countries are still paying off 'confinement debt'. You know when they were forced to pay $3,000 to stay in a containment hotel after landing at the airport. The idea of the $3,000 was bc it might take 3 days to get results of their 'landing test'. Most were released after one day - but no refund of the unused $2,000. Just ask how many people got a refund? A total 'rip off' with no regard for the hardship allotted to others.

In my case it started with the RNA "vaccines" in the first place. This (new) process was not how "vaccines"were historically created (take a known sample of the bug, weaken it, put it in a sterile solution, inject it and the recipients body fights it off successfully and recipient then has natural immunity). The fake Vax was created before they had "isolated" the virus itself, and nobody seemed to know what was in it. So my family waited and watched. Dr. Ryan Cole was the first MD that I watched saying that the mRNA shot didnt meet the definition of "vaccine". Malone (one of the RNA pioneers for cancer treatment) early on didnt seem to know much about what had been done re: a vaccine---took awhile but I kept watching him be puzzled, then skeptical, then very concerned. The absolute turning point for us was Trump getting covid. And going immediately to his military doctor. Getting a "cocktail" to drink, and being cured in 2 days. Meanwhile, we had asked our family doctor if, were we diagnosed with Covid, would she immediately treat us. The nervous answer was "NO"--since there was NO "treatment" for covid, all we could do was quarantine for 14 days, with only aspirin or tylenonol for fever, and go to hospital if we didnt get better!! And if she provided early treatment, SHE COULD LOSE HER LICENSE TO PRACTISE MEDICINE. Which led to finding all the other items of verbal bunny balls. //The sad part here is all the Canadians that pride themselves on being good upstanding citizens, that always obey the law, go to church on sundays, and teach their kids to always tell the truth (and etc.). The fact that those with education and authority (including our doctors) would not only blatantly lie to us, but that our doctors would jeopardize our health while doing so, is just incomprehensible to most law-abiding Canadians. Perhaps I am atypical and I do have university degrees that breed skepticism and analysis, but I also have (for example) Doctor friends that have taken the jab, and have uncritically swallowed the "safe and effective" in-your-face blatant lie (which you can still find on some federal and provincial websites). So folks, get ready for the next gift-wrapped box of lies and mandates attached to the next Hoax and Fraud--you guessed it--CLIMATE CHANGE!!! Which has already brought out the next round of blockwatch captains ready to assist in bringing all the Climate Change Deniers onto the train bound for the Gulags. Which brings to mind an Engineer friend of mine who used to say, on regular occasions of human activity---"Natural Selection at Work".

...exactly! Most Canadians and people in general are extremely naive when it comes to following government direction. I also did my own research and fortunately had a doctor friend provide me with some 12mg tablets of Ivermectin...and now they are going to try the same bs with climate change! F them!!!

Thanks WS for another great article

You certainly won’t see any thoughtful articles like this in any mainstream media

This story mirrors so many thousands of stories of families across Canada

No one could of predicted this kind of orchestrated and organized evil could come to Canada

Horrifyingly it was supported by all our institutions and bribed legacy media

It’s like a science fiction nightmare come to life

And one of the most disturbing things is it was so obvious from the beginning that this was an agenda and so many people were so easily brainwashed

I still can’t believe it

The level of evil in the Trudeau infected liberal mafia in Canada is off the charts

And the failure of all our institutions on everything was astonishing and eye opening

I agree 100% with you.

I couldn’t get past the mask bullish— either. Once you scrutinize the literature, you realize it was a lie propped up by inferior studies.

I suffer from severe asthma (no I don't smoke nor ever did). I couldn't wear a mask so wore a medical sign around my neck. Most of the nasty comments came from roughly 25 year old girls wearing 'workout suits' on their way to the gym. I got asked to stand '2 dots behind them in pay line ups' along with many other comments from 'wild eyed terrified people'. Some suggested I should stay home and have everything delivered. Luckily I am old and just ignored them - after a few choice words I will admit. But my reason for mentioning this, even though I never want to hear the word COVID again, it made nasty people out of people whom one would hope 'used to be nice people' and 'nastier people nastier'.

The inventor of the mRNA technology behind Big Pharma’s Covid shots has warned the public that the injections were “designed to depopulate Earth.”

World-renowned scientist Dr. Robert Malone blew the whistle on the secret agenda during a speech at the 2023 White Coat Summit.

During his address, Malone asked the crucial question about the so-called COVID vaccines:

“Why would a government wish to advance this technology?”

His reluctant conclusion is that the novel mRNA injections have been developed by the CIA to assist in a global depopulation program – which has existed in the United States since the 1970s.

Debbie Wall is obviously on the "ball" . . .

It is so sad when parents or relative bought into the Govt & TV narrative . . . but many Canooks today still believe the 6 o'clock Legacy Media Propaganda.

Everything about Covid in Canada was a LIE . . . from the Fake PCR Test which drove the Narrative to the empty Hospitals during the first "Lockdown".

Canada managed to kill almost 5 Xs more citizens than Sweden!

What did Sweden do that worked so well you ask . . . . NOTHING!

Kids remained in School & Business stayed Open!

To date Canada's North Korea style healthcare system has sought to Cover it ALL UP.

Thinking of going on a flight these days?

Seems the Commercial Pilots ALL got VAXED . . . now . . .

6th Pilot incapacitation in 2 weeks, 3 pilot deaths

Aug.17, 2023 - IndiGo Flight (NAG-PNQ) Nagpur to Pune, India, pilot 40 year old Manoj Subramanium died after collapsing at the boarding gate, about to board.

Aug.16, 2023 - Qatar Airways Flight QR579 (DEL-DOH) Delhi to Doha, Qatar, 51 year old pilot collapsed as a passenger inflight and died, plane diverted to Dubai.

Aug.14, 2023 - LATAM Flight LA505 (MIA-SCL) Miami to Santiago, Chile - 2 hours into 8hr flight, 56 year old Captain Ivan Andaur collapsed and died in the lavatory - plane diverted to Panama City!

Aug.9, 2023 - United Airlines UAL1309 (SRQ-EWR) Sarasota to Newark, pilot had a heart attack and lost consciousness in flight

Aug.7, 2023 - TigerAIR Flight IT237 (CTS-TPE) Sapporo to Taipei, copilot had a medical emergency after landing plane in Taipei

And NONE of this was on Global, CTV or CBC . . . .

..and the a-hole rich elites are ONLY hiring unvaccinated pilots...hmmmm!

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