May 19, 2024

Humidity Measurement Devices and Moisture Analyzers

Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, provides reliable moisture analyzers to support your process decisions. Our moisture analyzers detect leaks in the gas process and in your pressurized pipeline system, and help identify trace moisture in gas for custody transfer. Our analyzers can assist in keeping your processes safe by alerting operators of high moisture conditions, which can corrode the metal infrastructure of your pipeline or process.

Our moisture analyzers and transmitters ensure that your process is within the parameters of your specifications. Analyzers with dew point measurement capabilities lead the market in trace moisture technology, offered in a selection of packages to suit any process requirement, including natural gas, gas storage, transmission and custody transfer, refinery, petrochemical, hydrocarbon gases, liquid, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, furnace gases, and more.

Trace Moisture HygrometersIntrinsically safe moisture analyzers and transmitters that measure moisture content in gases and non-aqueous liquids.

TDLAS HygrometersProvides moisture measurement from low PPM to percentage levels. These meters offer intuitive interfaces that make them easy to learn, configure and operate.

Chilled Mirror Analyzers These devices enable NIST-traceable humidity, temperature and pressure measurements, and connect via the Ethernet for data visibility and sharing.