Jul 17, 2023

Here's how excessive heat can damage your home's foundation

By Kennedi Walker

August 28, 2023 / 11:28 AM / CBS Texas

NORTH TEXAS ( – The blistering heat cause severe damage your home's foundation.

Experts say the soil under the concrete can shrink. When it shrinks, it weakens the structure and can't support your home.

This leads to cracked drywall, sticking doors, and sloping floors.

Bill Thomas, from Accurate Foundation Repair, suggests watering around your homes foundation with a soaker hose to avoid damage.

"Every summer it'll get worse and worse and worse," Thomas said. "If you don't monitor that and keep it in check, you're going to spend yourself a lot of money."

Thomas urges homeowners to place the soaker hose about 18 inches away from the edge of your foundation and let it run for three times a day for about 10 minutes.

Kennedi Walker is an award-winning journalist from New Orleans. Before moving to Texas, she was a reporter in Baton Rouge where she was awarded Multi-Media Journalist of the Year by the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters.

First published on August 28, 2023 / 11:28 AM

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