Dec 31, 2023

Evaluating Polymer Melt Flow Characteristics : Quote, RFQ, Price and Buy

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The LMI is a cultivation of feedback received from customers incorporating a series of key options and features: Color Touch-Screen Display incorporating a user friendly menu structure, pneumatic weight lift system with stackable weights, higher accuracy digital encoder, USB communications, a force packer, software and NEW! auto cutter option.

The LMI has the capability of delivering a wide range of data that includes melt index values, apparent viscosity, shear rate, shear stress, melt density, intrinsic viscosity, and testing conditions.

The addition and improvements of key attributes help to reduce some of the burden of running a melt index test from the technician and enhances repeatability of the data.

The key features of the LMI5000 Melt Flow Indexer are as follows:

Digital Encoder – A high precision measurement of piston displacement during Method A/B and B tests is provided by the digital encoder.

Automatic Sample Cutter – Samples are automatically cut at defined cut times of Method A and Method A/B Testing. This cutter also cuts samples at the end of pre-heat melt time of a test, regardless of the method. More consistent sample cutting is obtained than cutting by hand.

Force Packer – Once the polymer sample has been loaded, the force packer is designed to apply a constant force to compress the sample. This constant force promotes a level of confidence by removing variability between operators.

LaVA Suite Software – The redesigned software has the potential to produce a customized series of data comprising of details on testing conditions, apparent melt density, viscosity, shear rate, shear stress, and melt index values. This software option enables recording these values that could be reported through different outputs and formats.

Weight Lift System – This enables effortless weight application. Storing all of the weights in a stack above the LMI enables the weight load to be selected in a way that is as simple as moving the selector pin from one slot to the next, eliminating the requirement to manually lift weights. Additionally, the lift system provides a mid-position stop and hold feature for highly viscous materials.

Languages – Supports 12 languages that include English, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, German, Chinese, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Dutch.

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